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The Bloods adopted the color red and began using the term "Bloods" to identify each other.
The Vice Lord Nation is a large confederation of street corner groups whose home is the streets, alleys, and gangways of Chicago"s major Black Ghettos.
The Vice Lords are the oldest and second largest black street gang in the Chicago area. It was originally formed in the late 1950s as a club in the Illinois State Training School for Boys in St. Charles. As "club" members were released, several relocated to the Lawndale area of Chicago. They gained recognition as a gang during this time. Their main area of power remains the West-side of Chicago. Since the original formation numerous breakaway factions have formed. These factions now operate throughout the city of Chicago and outlying areas. Each faction has its own distinctive name and leader.
The Vice Lords utilize gold, black and red as their colors and the five-pointed star, top hat, martini glass, Playboy bunny, dollar sign and the cane. The different factions also utilize specific graffiti to identify themselves individually. Their common hand signs are a single upraised hand with the thumb, index and middle fingers to form a "VL." Also utilized is the upraised hand with all fingers extended and a separation between the middle and ring fingers. The Vice Lords call fellow members "People" and use the term "All is well." Members of the Vice Lords can be seen wearing University of Iowa Pittsburg Steelers Pirates and Penguins attire. Members also wear Louis Vitton (VL reversed) caps and UNLV Jackets (UNLV - YVNU reversed, Vice Lord Nation United.)
The Vice Lords can be found in the Midwest and some Eastern cities. They continue to have a stronghold over many Chicago neighborhoods.
The Vice Lords possess a rank structure within the individual factions which includes General, Minister, Lieutenant and Foot Soldiers. This structure is similar in all factions of the Vice Lords; however, each faction's leadership is unique and has no power over members of other factions.

     Carlos "la sombra" Torres Irriatite

1-When was carlos "La Sombra" born?
October 8, 1945
2-When did carlos "La Sombra" die?
Carlos was killed on March 28, 1981
3-Why do we celebrate the "Grito" on March 30th?
Because that is when the Government revealed his death to the public.Later that day we had the first Grito in his honor.
4-What is Carlo "La Sombra"s mother's name?
Her name was Candida
5-Where was Carlos "La Sombra" buried?
He was buried at National Cemetery in San Juan, Puerto Rico
6-Who was Carlos "La Sombra" buried next to?
He was buried next to Dr. Pedro Albizo Campos
7-How did Carlos "La Sombra" die?
Carlos was shot in the head and stabbed twice.
8-Where did Carlos die?
On the basketball court in El Presido, Puerto Rico
9-Who shot Carlos "La Sombra" in the head?
Carlos was shot by Chino Pinela a member of Group 27
10-Who stabbed Carlos "La Sombra"?
He was stabbed by Baroso a member of Group 27
11-Who gave the order to kill Carlos "La Sombra"?
The one who gave the order was Raymond Ayala Ortiz also known as Manota leader of Group 27
12-Who took over the assocation after Carlos "La sombra's" death?
The man who took over the movement was Sammy Serrano also known as Sammy "La Flecha"
13-When did the association take over El Presido?
September 30, 1981
14-When did Sammy "La Flecha" create the Norms(rules)?
November 30,1981
15-Where did the word Neta come from?
He got it of a book called Puerto Rican Culture


Left ear: Vice Lords, Bloods, and other Peoples Nation affiliates.

Tilted to the Left-- Vice Lords, Bloods, and other Peoples Nation Affiliates.

Five (5) Pointed (Islamic) Vice Lords, Bloods, and other Peoples Nation affiliates.

Straight ears-- Vice Lord, Bloods, and other Peoples Nation affiliates.

left pant leg

Rolled up on the left side: Vice Lords, Bloods, and other People Nation affiliates.


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